Cubase 8 Pro Trial Wont Start?

Hello All.

I have downloaded a fresh install of Cubase Pro 8 - Trial version. I currently own the Cubase 8 Artist license. I have entered the Cubase Pro 8 Trial License into both MySteinberg and the eLicenser. Furthermore I have gone into Preferences and set to “Start Cubase Pro 8 Trial on next startup”.

I have even taken out my eLicenser and inserted it again.

I keep starting up in Cubase 8 Artist - And I don’t have access to effects like Multiband Compressor.

/ Can someone help , give advice?


C’mon, help us out here. What OS? Post a screenshot of the elc window.

Windoes 7 64-bit. Wouldn’t it be kinda stupid to show the entire internet the keys in my elc?


So do you have any experience regarding my current problem? Or do you just like the sound/look of your own voice? :slight_smile:

Im new here. And you come off as arrogant.

I don’t know if I have experience regarding your issue since I don’t know what its cause is yet. I’m familiar with a variety of Cubase related stuff though, so it seemed likely that by doing some troubleshooting I could help solve the problem.

Guess not, though.

How are you starting Cubase ? If you double click a project file it may still be associated to the Artist version, and start that. Look in your program files and find the trial executable and start that, and make a shortcut icon to the desktop while your at it.

Have you run Maintenance from the eLicenser Control Center and/or Validate Usage Periods ? Are you using the latest version?

Backup up your Cubase User folder, delete it, and try starting again.

I have the same problem… Last week I intallde Artist 8.5, and afterwords, I’ve inserted the activation code for PRO version to decide if the upgrade is necessary for my kind of work.
Nothing happened, T%he Artist 8.5 keeps opening without any changes… :frowning: