Cubase 8 Pro Video Tutorials available on Youtube

Dear Cubase 8 users,
You can now find several very useful tutorial videos on Cubase Pro 8 on our Youtube channel.

The Quick Start videos one had to pay for in Version 7, and I used to recommend them often.
Now they’re free!

Very nice indeed, I found some of them really helpful.

Thank you…

Highly recommend the “MixConsole” and “Rendering” youtubes - they specifically detail the changes made in Cubase Pro 8.

All the others are re-presentations of the Cubase 7 vids*, which is fine for review as well.

(*The new bass amp vid is actually also a Cubase Pro 8 specific one).

+1 that all those videos are available from the beginning. Now I need only time to watch them :wink:

Thanks for the vids, very useful.


These vids have been great, thanks very much for making these available!

Only a little embarrassed to say that in the 10 years of using cubase, I’ve seen several of the videos numerous times. But to me, Cubase is a really great hobby tool and nothing I use routinely, and that’s because of so many other demands in my life…not because of a competitive product. I love Cubase but, sometimes after 3-4 months I get a musical surge and pick up the guitar to put down a track or two and I’ve gotta start looking for the video to see what id forgotten.

Once I have a refreshed memory on how to set things up, the musical urge is gone. One of the lovely associations of age

Those videos on quick start and YouTube are great. I especially enjoy the Greg Ondo ones with club Cubase. More so that there is no longer a regional Cubase meeting

Also here: , Greg Ondo City.

Great resource for a new user of Cubase Pro 8.

I’m previously used to Cubase 5 so I’ve a lot of catching up to do.

pls send video how add and remove vst instruments

To add: Open the rack by hitting either F11 or F12 (sorry can’t remember which) then click on the arrow at either the left or right side.

To remove: Click on the name of the VSTi in the rack.

It’s in the manual to explain better than this, sorry, I’m not at Cubase now.

Why no in depth vid on the control room? :frowning: :frowning:

thanx. the videos are really helpful

Some ways to render virtual instruments to audio here (Pre-Cubase 8)???