Cubase 8 Pro Vocal channel audio dropping out

A new phenomenon. I monitor my vocal acoustically when singing. Over the last few weeks and only when I’m recording vocals, the recorded vocal audio playback just disappears at random. I can still hear the echo on playback but the main audio cannot be heard. It returns randomly as well… sometimes when I take the song back to the start (but not always). and sometimes it just comes back on its’ own for no reason I can discern. Any theories??

Does the waveform “disappear” or you just can’t hear it?

I just can’t hear it … but can still hear fx

sounds like you have some automation somewhere. On the audio track right click and “show all used automation”

I never use automation and nothing shows up when I click on “show all used automation”
It only happens when I’m ODing on the vocal track and only ever happened in that scenario. It comes and goes when it pleases. It’s like a dodgy mute button

So, I guess no suggestions here then?

First of all post your used software. Then check for noise gates or things like that in the signal path. Or provide some useful info on what you have set up how…