Cubase 8 Pro vs Vienna Instruments Pro 2 app seq


Is it possible to do things like shown in this video between 04:15 - 05:15 with Cubase 8 Pro?



Sorry, I don’t know, what exactly do you mean, from the video.

Articulations: Yes, we have Expression Maps in Cubase.

  • Changing position of Left- and Right Locator:
  • Mac: use Alt+Click to set Left-Locator. Use Cmd+Click to set Right Locator.
  • Windows: use Ctrl+Click to set Left-Locator. Use Alt+Click to set Right Locator.
  • To activate/deactivate Cycle, hit “/” on numeric keyboard.
  • For Changing tempo, use Tempo: Fixed, and set wanted tempo in the Transport Panel.
  • To change selected notes to half (or Double) tempo, use Logical Presets: MIDI > Logical Presets > standard set 1 > half tempo, or MIDI > Logical Presets > standard set 1 > double tempo
  • To change selected notes to triplets, open the Logical editor, call the “double tempo” or “half tempo” preset, and in the bottom part, set Length > Devide by > 3.000 and Position > Devide by > 3.000, or Length > Multiple by > 3.000 and Position > Multiple by > 3.000. You can save this as your own preset.

Is there anything, I missed?

Hello Martin,

Thanks for your detailed answer and also sorry that I didn’t give specific point between the range.

I was wondering if it is possible to divide notes as easily as in Vienna. I think using Logical Editor is harder (more complicated) than Vienna options?


You can prepare your own presets (double-, and half tempo are already done). Then you can use it by single-click, or assign any Key Command. So then it’s exactly the same, as it is in Vienna. The only one difference is, you are not limited, what other developers did, and you can create 5-tuplets, 7-tuplets, whatever you want to. :wink: