Cubase 8 project crashes on opening

I was working on a project last night that I can’t seem to open today. The project crashes just before opening on The “Loading MixConsole” and “Loading Halion Sonic SE…” screen. I assume this has to do with my VST instruments.

I installed the VL-122 Synth Organ VST from AM Music Technology for the project, it seemed to be working fine, not sure if that is part of my problem. I tried to load a .bak file for the project but the latest one I could get to correctly load was one from hours before, I had made tremendous progress on it since.

Please Help! First forum post; go easy on me.

Windows 8.1 64x
Dell i3
UR44 interface
Cubase 8.0.0

Well… An obvious suggestion, hopefully your project is not corrupted but have you disabled the VL-122 vst prior to trying to open the project. You may have to disable vsti’s (even halion sonic se) one at a time to eliminate an issue there.

Regards :sunglasses: