Cubase 8 to 8.5 "upgrade"


I’m a bit confused.
I own Cubase Pro 8 and want to upgrade to 8.5.
(I have searched the web and this forum)

I upgraded my license and the only option seems to be to download a full install of 8.5.

Will this be installed ALONGSIDE my existing Cubase 8.0 ? (Or should I set it to install ON TOP of 8.0)?
(If Alongside, Will I be able to use both with my dongle - as it seems my 8.0 license was replaced by a 8.5 license)

Anything I should do in order to transfer as many of my settings etc. ?
(My thoughts were to transfer my old RAM.presets , but read a post here that pointed towards the opposite - 8.5 will transfer settings only if no existing RAM.presets is found … (???) )

any 8.0>8.5 upgrade guide/support page online ?



Cuabse 8.0 and Cubase 8.5 are two independent applications, which chare the content each other (like sound content).

Yes, you are able to start Cubase 8.0 with Cubase 8.5 license.

Your settings will be transfered with the very first start of Cubase 8.5 automatically. No extra step is needed.

It will install in a new folder alongside your Cubase 8 install. I have noticed some folks are copying their preferences and such, but my install of 8.5 seems to be just fine and I haven’t copied anything over.

The update installer is only 875MB, where as the full install is 9.4 GB. There was a link for the updater download included with the email I received from Steinberg after purchase.

Your settings will be transfered with the very first start of Cubase 8.5 automatically. No extra step is needed.

Although this should be the case some users are reporting it didn’t work for them…I would recommend that you run your installer as administrator and tick the “install for all users of this computer” box to have the best chance of settings migration.

I am not sure where you got this idea from? The only thing transferred for me were the Insert Presets. All my other preferences were ignored. I even had to transfer my Templates. It might be an idea for SB to give us more options when installing. I would have liked to have been able to import my project history - which would have saved a lot of faffing about. Not to mention the colour scheme, track colours and short-cuts. I did tick the install for all users box.

Oh, OK.
I am under the grace period from cubase 8 - so I didnt go through the shop -( and just updated my eLicenser ) - and all I could find on the Steinberg site is the main download . (I have downloaded it)

Should I use the full 9.4GB installer or the update 8to 8.5 download link in the shop ?


If your Cubase 8.0 is installed already, you can use the updater.

Errr … the shop link I was talking about is not really a link.

Where can I find the link to the updater (only) ?
Should I just go ahead and use the huge installer ?

(I just don’t want to clog my small SSD with redundancies of samples and other weighty files … or go shifting through shared files later on …)

Good idea to keep previous versions installed in case there are bugs that affect you or incompatibilities of any kind. This way you have a way to go back. I’d keep it 8.0 for a while before uninstalling.


Just went ahead and used the full installer - so far everything went smooth.

(I couldn’t find a way to delete this thread … )

I am not sure what else 8.5 broke, but on my system it deleted the “shared VST 2” setting so I had to rescan all my VST instruments and plugins. It also removed the settings from 8.0 as well , so I couldn’t just look it up from there which is really annoying.

Thankfully I haven’t used 8.0 for a long time (I was stuck with Cubase VST for 13 years) so the pain of importing all the old songs (and missing all DX plugins) is still ahead of me.

Don’t delete it, just mark it as [solved]. :wink:

It didn’t work for me. How can I transfer my settings / presets manually? (Apart from rewriting them)


Copy the whole Preferences folder from Cubase 8_64 folder to the Cubase 8.5_64 folder.