cubase 8 vs cubase 8.5 performance?

hi… i 'd like to know if i ll have better performance if i upgrade to cubase 8.5.
I have the latest update for the cub8.

i was informed by acustica audio that their aqua plugins (iam interested for amber) work better with cub8.5 cause 8.5 can manage multithreading plugins better…is that true?

My experience on Mac is that 8 was more solid than 8.5. Lots more crashes for me. I’ve noticed also that the graphics were much quicker in 8.

Pretty equal here. No scientific tests made though but 8 as well as 8.5 have always been fine performancewise for me on Win7.

I guess that cubase and mac is…a different world :wink:
Is it possible to have simultaneously in my pc cub8 and cub8.5 (like i have cub 7.5 and 8) or cub8.5 deletes cub8 files?

I jumped from 7.5 to 8.5. I immediately noticed the GUI graphics were “laggy” in comparison. Most noticeably, when moving the mouse around the mixer, the graphic eq animations would temporarily stutter or freeze. :frowning:

Yes, 8 + 8.5 are seperate installations that co-exist.

8.5 works better on my mac bootcamp with win 8.1 than on yosemite. Minimal lag on the windows side.

Mac graphics need attention.

Watch when my mouse hovers over the parameters in the Inspector on the left hand side. Horrible playhead lag.

Cubase Pro 8 wins for better real time peaks @ 25 % average.

Cubase Pro 8.5 peaks @ 75%.

Same project tested. With 100 tracks mix.

Any windows 7x64 users?

On Windows (x64) 7 and 10, Cubase 8 was pretty much unusable for me - peak CPU issues - the problem got worse and worse since CB7.5. Finally with the last Cubase patch (8.5.20) my CPU issues were finally fixed and I am a Cubase user again (had to use Reaper or Mixbus for larger projects before 8.5.20.) Was pretty much about to abandon Cubase but that patched saved it’s CPU-hungry rear. :unamused: :slight_smile: