Cubase 8 - Win10 only white title bar ?

in Win7 i could change the title bar color and size as i needed,in win10 its not possible anymore?
im posting it here because it “bugs” me mostly with cubase appearance.

Microsoft has added back the colored title bars in insider builds, general availability for the update (codename Threshold 2) looks like early November.

Ok. Thank :wink:

any news ?
the white title bar confuses me alot when plugins GUI and other windows are opened inside cubase :neutral_face:

you can now choose your color in parameters / personalisation / colors

i cant find there how to set title bar color,only some general color named"accent color"…
maybe it is somewhere else ?
in win 7 i could customise size and color of all windows component , ie… title bar etc…

Turn off automatically pick an accent colour, select from the pallette and turn on Show Colour on Start, Taskbar, Action Centre & Title Bar.

That’s all you can do…no editing of individual elements.

mmm strange…i have the latest win10 update but all i see there is “Show Colour on Start, Taskbar, and Action Centre”
no title bar mentioned there

In case you think I’m making it u :smiley:

Are you certain that your computer has already run the major update. Maybe check if you see any of the other new features.

Haha… Didnt think you are making it…
I need to investigate why the title option not shown with the latest win10 update on my computer
(I upgrated it from win7 and not a clean install)

after checking my win10 ver built it says 10240,and the new color feature in build 10525,when trying to update it says your windows is up to date :confused:
the update is based on location ? or available only for certain users like windows insiders ?
how can i upgrade to the latest build ? :blush:

Edit: so i guess users with"windows insiders" give feedback(like beta testers)to microsoft and the update will be available to all win10 users once approved ?

There are some reasons why the update (build 10586) may not show up immediately, see here:

In my case it tried to install automatically, but had failed. It didn’t show up again for some reason.

If you want to install it before it appears automatically, go to and install using “Upgrade now”. This is what I had to do as well.

Thanks… i think my win10 update is more than 30 days… not sure though.
i also downloaded the win10 asio,but im not sure if it will do a clean install or just upgrading and leave all software and docs as is,its unclear to me and i dont want to take the chance

Here is the solution to change windows 10 inactive title bar color