Cubase 8, Windows 10, Multi Desktops quesiton

So, I’m sure a few of you are using windows 10? quick question. I have a single monitor 4k setup, my plan with windows 10 is to use an additional virtual desktop, and put all my mixers on there. then use a keyboard shortcut to switch between the Cubase arrangement page and the mixer view instantly

so my question is… does this work fine? can you move mixers to other desktops, and switch betwen them?

(I use workspaces currently but it takes about 3 seconds to change between workspace and arangement page), if you turn off animations windows 10 will do it instantly



Yes, you can move your MixConsole window to another virtual Desktop. It works at the moment, you setup it.But once you save and reopen your project, all of your windows are back on the current Desktop, and you have to arrange it once again.It’s the same with Workspaces. The Workspaces system can’t recognize another virtual desktop. So if you are using it, it always puts all windows to the currently active Desktop. But I would say, this is general Windows issue.

Windows 10 is not officially supported system, yet.

I removed a couple posts (including my own) that were off topic for this otherwise informative topic. Please stay on topic here… iow, this is about using Cubase 8 with the Windows 10 Multi Desktops feature.

Have to say, although windows 10 is not advised… the multi desktop setup is brilliant. I have switching desktops set to one of my spare mouse buttons and can switch between the mixer and the arranger page instantly… although it doesn’t remember the mixer setup when closing + opening, it takes just a few seconds to move the mixers to another virtual desktop!

here is a little video of a comparison of windows desktops vs using workspaces…

Workspaces has served me well for many years, but I much prefer the non flickering of virtual desktops!

An option that will work just as well, without need for any virtual or expanded desktop.

In the ‘Workspaces’ and “Windows” menus of CuBase, you can take snapshots of various window configurations, and it’s easy to assign key combos to call them up at a touch. You could have any number of window arrangements you like and easily hot swap between them.

Just as an example…
I have a single desktop expanded over three physical screens on a single graphics card here. I have quite a few different workflows.

I press “alt-tenkey-pad 1” and get the mixing console stretched across two screens with the main arranger window in the third.

I press “alt-tenkey-pad 2” and get a note editor in one screen, piano scroll in another, and a split screen with the arranger and list event editor in the third.

I press “alt-tenkey-pad 3” and get an arranger full screen, a mixer full screen, and a blank screen to tile VST plugin UIs.

I press “alt-tenkey-pad 4” and get the arranger stretched across all three screens.


These are just a few examples of what is possible…and it works with a single screen, or even with a single desktop expanded across multiple screens.

The virtual desktops are nice, but with a single session of CuBase 8 Pro, you really do not need them, as CuBase itself provides a very robust windows and screen management system. Just arrange the windows as you like and take a snapshot using the options found in the “Workspaces” menu. Assign whatever key combo you like to call them up (or use your mouse and the ‘window’ menu).

I think the workspaces are stored as part of the master ‘project’, so you can have a variety of different project templates to serve as your ‘starting point’ for new projects…hence avoiding having to rebuild your workspaces every time you start a new project

Yes I use workspaces currently and they do work great, but if you check my video above you will see that if your only requirement is to have a mixer window and an arrangement window, then using virtual desktops is a bit faster and doesn’t have any flickering, i find the flickering distracting personally, so i’m happy with the virtual desktops solution.

Sorry, I missed the part of your post in parenthesis that states you already know about work spaces.

At the time I saw a question asking if it works with the Windows 10 Virtual Desktop. I didn’t see any info in the thread about workspaces (perhaps it was deleted as being ‘off topic’?), so I jumped in with workspace info, also for the benefit of web-searchers who might NOT know about workspaces, I added my two cents.

On my setup, there is a brief flicker on window redraws, but it’s very fast.

It might be possible that DirectX 12 (If CuBase uses that for screen draws) in Windows 10 improves the ‘speed and flicker’ issue, as I hear it’s much improved over previous versions (up to 30% faster on any hardware).

Sorry if it’s too ‘off topic’. I won’t be ‘offended’ if a mod decides to delete my post(s).

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