Cubase 8 with Softube Modular

I hope I am posting this in the right place. I am a novice Cubase user and am struggling to correctly configure the Softube Modular VST, or Softube Modular FX VST, with connections in and out. Is there anyone using Softube Modular in this way that has a few minutes to share pointers?

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I don’t own Modular, so probably can’t help, but I can’t see any reason for it not to behave like any other VSTi, what exactly is the issue? Is it specific to this software, or do you have problems with inputs, outputs or MIDI with other VSTis?

Thanks very much for your reply, Parrotspain!

I will try to clarify my issue. I did more reading to get a better understanding of what I am asking.

Softube Modular is a normal VST. It has stereo output, and four additional stereo outs (aux 1-4). After a lot of Cubase novice floundering, I found the context menu that activates the outputs on the instrument channel’s inspector. After even more floundering, I found the unhide context menu that shows all the output channels so they can be routed to hardware channels. So far, so good!

Softube Modular FX is a normal VST effect. It is exactly the same as above, except that it also has a stereo input. It has stereo output, and four additional stereo outs (aux 1-4). However, when Softube Modular FX is placed on an FX channel, I cannot find how to activate and connect the aux 1-4 stereo outs. My question is how you do this in Cubase, and also whether it is an ability of Cubase 8 LE, or whether I have to move up to Elements or higher to have the capability.

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If I understand, you are placing the module in an FX channel. but are you sure that the aux outputs are available in this mode? I had a brief look online and couldn’t see a clear indicator that’s the case. FX channels would usually be mono or stereo anyway unless you’re working, for example in 5.1 (which I would guess would be Pro only)

It might be worth, when creating the FX channel, seeing if you can set it to Quadro or 5.1 and then seeing if you can switch on the aux outputs? I don’t have any FX here that claim more than stereo output, so I can’t really test the theory.

EDIT: Otherwise, it may be that when set up as a VSTi, the inputs become available as a Send source? Once again, I can’t test, but worth checking anyway.

Parrotspain, thank you very much for your answer. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with a beginner!