Cubase 8 with Tascam 1800 help!!!

I’ve had this interface sitting around for a while and recently aquired a refurbished Mac to set up a home multitrack recording situation.
I’ve downloaded cubase 8 compatible with my computer and am ready to start running the program but… I need an activation code and I don’t have one!!

I’ve done some light research and understand a code can’t be used more than once, so that eliminates asking for someone else’s to use.

I’m a bit confused by the directions on the stein berg website as per the instructions on obtaining a serial number and such from a usb something or other… I’m not software savvy, let alone computer savvy much and would greatly appreciate some help/guidance on setting this up!!!

You did not say what version of CB 8 you have. The Artist and Pro versions have their license stored on a USB eLicense dongle. Other (lesser versions) like Elements start off with the license stored on the computer (called a Soft-eLicense). So just read the following help center article for the procedure to follow which is dependent on on your situation and which license you have.

My guess… probably “Reactivation” for a version that has it’s license stored on a Soft-eLicense. If the license is stored on a USB dongle (which would be plugged into a USB port on your computer) you don’t need to reactivate it. Just make sure the dongle is plugged in and install the eLicense Control Center and Cubase software.

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