Cubase 8 won't record midi parts

Have just upgraded to Cubase 8 Artist with a clean install. The problem is Cubase will not record any midi parts. I first came across the problem when wanting to turn a Groove Agent 3 pattern into a midi file in the project. At first I thought the problem was GA3 but since I’ve tried recording midi parts and it won’t happen. At the end of recording the part, it disappears when stopping the track. I have midi in and can play any instruments loaded. I’m assuming I have a setting wrong somewhere, so for the record: On the transport panel I have ‘Punch In/Out’ and ‘Start recording at Left Locator’ selected. Midi record mode is Merge and cycle record mode is Mix. These, as far as I remember are my normal settings. If somebody could point me to my no doubt dum mistake, I’d be very grateful !

This may not be your issue but I had similar problems when using templates or files that were originally created in an earlier version of Cubase (Artist 6 in my case).

this aside, do the MIDI events show up when you’re recording them and then disappear or just never appear at all?

From Groove Agent you can just drag patterns to a MIDI track and have them appear and play (and you can move them around, copy etc.). Not sure if that is what you want though…

Hi there and thanks for your replies. I’ve run some more tests and have gone back to my earlier conclusion that there is some problem with GA3 and Cubase 8. With GA3 you cannot drag patterns into the project like you can with GA4 and GA SE, which is included with C8. I can create midi parts by double clicking etc. with no problem. When I try to record the midi out of GA3 (with it set to ‘Live To Host’) it will not create a part. When it’s running it does create the part but there is no midi note data showing, which of course there should be, and as I said, the part vanishes when stopping recording. It does work if I use the ‘Record To File’ setting and places the midi file on the desktop. Incidentally, I have an older version of Cubase running on another machine and it all works as it should so I guess there is an issue here with C8 and GA3.

Hi featherfoot,

GA3 is a 32-bit plugin and the VST-Bridge doesn’t support MIDI out. This means, that you can only record MIDI out of GA3 in a 32-bit version of Cubase or Nuendo.

I don’t know if it would work with a 3rd party bridge though.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Luis (incidentally, can someone tell me how to ‘thank’ a member ? I can’t see anything in FAQ or elsewhere). Ok, well that explains that. But here is another oddity : If I use the ‘Record To File’ option in GA3, the midi files play back at the wrong tempo. They are about 2 bpm slower and do not change if the project tempo is changed. Is this part of the same problem ?

It does work with jBridge (and jbridgeM on Mac :wink: )

I am finding the same thing for loopmash in cubase 8.5 64bit. When I record the loopmash performance incorporating some performance controls as it recorded it creates a midi record box which dissappears when recording stops. Loopmash audio records to an audio track fine.