Cubase 8 won't switch to "Backed Up Project"

Hi all,

In Cubase 7 when you went to File > Back Up Project and created a new “parent folder” to (for example) use a template and then start a cue or a new track, it would automatically switch you to whatever you called the new project. I.E. “Template 4.15.15” backed up became “New Cue” and then 10 seconds later, you would be working on “New Cue” and not your original “Template 4.15.15.”

I just tried to do this in Cubase 8, but when I backed up the project to start work in a different folder, it didn’t swtich. I’m still working in my “Template” piece and not my new project of a different name. I looked in finder and the new folder and sequence file are there, but Cubase 8 didn’t switch me automatically like Cubase 7 did.

Anyone frustrated by this? Short of closing my current sequence and re-opening the “Back up Project” version, how can I get C8 to automatically switch??! I just looked through preferences but couldn’t find anything. Anyone know?

Thanks all!!
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That behavior depends on which boxes are checked in the Back Up Project Options dialog box. It pops up when you invoke the Backup Project command.

Duh!!! Haha just saw that. Silly mistake. Thank you so much @SteveInChicago!