Cubase 8 Won't Work With MacStudio Monterey

I just received an email from Steinberg Support:

*We’ll need to get the piano showing in the Mac’s audio midi setup before Cubase will be able to see it. I’d recommend the customer try installing the latest Yamaha Steinberg USB driver for their OS from this page:

I installed the MIDI driver and it didn’t work.

First off, Cubase 12 works perfectly except for MIDI ins and outs on my Mac Studio.

I am running Cubase 12 on Monterey 112.6.2 32 GB ram. M1 Chip. Apparently the M1 chip is the problem.

Here’ what Steinberg support said about the M1 chip …

Hello Rob,

Cubase Pro 10.5 is not compatible on Monterey or with the M1 processors. You would need to update to Cubase Pro 12 to be compatible. We cannot troubleshoot if the program is incompatible with the OS.


Steinberg US Support

This is same problem is happening on Cubase 12.

I have used Cubase since Cubase 4. I am not an expert user but I’m an experienced user.

This is the first time ever that Cubase would not run on a computer I’ve owned for years and years.

My purpose in writing this topic is to give a heads up to other Monterey users.

Maybe one of the members in the forum can help. That would be great.

Why do you expect the very old Cubase 8 to work on a platform that introduced a new major OS version and a CPU change?

@rob3399 what’s your question? About Cubase 8 or Cubase 12? (Cubase 8 will not work on your OS version. But it seems you know that already, but the topic title…)

" This is the first time ever that Cubase would not run on a computer I’ve owned for years and years."

Well M1 Macs aren’t so so old (I have a 2008 mac running el capitan and cubase 8, that I say is old :wink: )

But with my newer 2019 Intel Mac I am close to install different Mac OSs to be able to run older cubase versions by creating different “volumes” partitions.
One with El Capitan (for Cubase 7.5 and 8) and one with Catalina or BigSur (for Cubase 10.5)

Unfortunately on M1 Macs, the oldest OS you can install is Big Sur.
Big Sur is able to run cubase 10.5 and cubase 11 (just saw only intel macs, M1 Macs just C11 or C12)

So that would be my suggestions, create a new volume on your harddrive, download Big Sur and install it on that Volume and depending on what cubase version you need you start up from the volume needed.

So the bad luck is the M1 chip… with an intel mac you would have far more options:
El Capitan > until cubase 8 and 8.5
Sierra > C8 and C8.5
High Sierra > C9 and C9.5
Big Sur > C10.5 , C11 and C12

That is not necesarrily cubase fault but the chip architecture change from intel chips in macs pre 2019 and the change to M1 chips, which forced software producers to heavily reprogram or let support fall…

So if you want cubase support for cubase 10.5 and below, you’d need an additional Intel based mac