Cubase 8 working with Mountain Lion OSX 10.8?

Has anyone been able to successfully load Cubase Pro 8 under Mountain Lion, Mac OSX 10.8? I really don’t want to upgrade to Mavericks. I know if supposed to only be for 10.9 and 10.10, but before I bought Cubase Pro 8 I heard people using it with OSX 10.8. Anyone here using Cubase 8 under OSX 10.8?

I downloaded and installed Cubase Pro 8 successfully, but every time I try to open Cubase 8 (under 64 bit mode) it will crash. Any ideas of what I could try to get Cubase Pro 8 to work under OSX 10.8.5?

Works great here. Cubase 8 64bit OSX 10.8.5

Try to delete old preferences…

How do I do that if I can’t open Cubase 8? I don’t understand how that works.

I think I found what you are talking about here:

I tried deleting the preferences but it still crashes under 64 bit mode. My response from Steinberg support was to upgrade to OS 10.9. Not sure why Cubase 8 is crashing on my Machine, but not other people’s.

So I switched from 64 bit mode to 32 bit mode and can finally open Cubase Pro 8. I have no idea why this is.

yea thats strange, works fine for me in 64

What about 32 bit plugins after updating to Cubase 8.0.10? Does it recognize them? :confused:

Yea totally fine

Cubase 8.0.10 works great with 10.8.2. All plugins are 64bit, nothing is bridged.

In order to get CB8 to play the plugins in 64 bit, the plugin needs to be 64 bit plugin. Those who are 32 bit won’t play without a “bridge”, like jBridge, which is not a very good option. 32 bit lives for MAC/Logic is a far better product, alas not for Cubase. JBridge does not fully support tweaking of the interface of the 32 bit plugin as if it had been a 64 bit plug. You will need to click a lot of times back and forth to operate. If the software company has not issued a 64 bit version of the plug that you can download, you are stuck with the cumbersome 32 bit/bridge thing, however it will work…most of the time. However there’re also a lot of older software that will not work at all on a new OS. Wizooverb, Broomstick, most older IK Multimedia are examples that won’t work at all on MAC OS later than Lion.