cubase 8

I am unable to register cubase 8/ error code 1003
cant find product in the product list.
can some body help

Where did you get to??..please be more specific on what you actually did so far and are trying to do.

Do you mean activation…have you got elicenser opening OK. Do you have the activation code that came with your purchase?

Hi Thank you.
initially on activation Error code 1003 popped up.
and while the licenser was initially activated …it said no product found.
during lic astivatiuon …'communication problrm occured while the license server.
then later trying again it said "currently there is no valid steinberg product license found on this e Licenser
online sync maintenance failed .

at last in the my product section it says

  1. NO product found on this licenser
    2.broken e Licenser.
    really confused with it.
    if you could send me an e mail i would attach the screen pics i took.


2.broken e Licenser

It actually says broken elicenser??

If yes then I guess it is a hardware problem…you’ll need to contact Steinberg or the retailer you bought from for a replacement.

Just checkin’. You are connected to the Internet, aren’t you? You must be for the authorization process to work.