Cubase 8Pro and jBridge - any suggestion?

I installed the update, had problems with the video card, solved them by changing Themes and DWM to Automatic, then I tried to bridge with jBridge a couple of plugins I have. It worked fine with Cubase 7.5, but it doesn’t with 8Pro, or at least I didn’t do it well. I did it the same like for Cubase 7.5. Anybody has an idea? I am using these plugins- theTC Powercore card MKII with VSS3 and Restoration suite- can’t without them.


might be worth looking at the plugin manager window. you will have to unfold the bottom part of the window to find the section where you can add extra vst plugin folders to scan. maybe you already did that though? I also have jbridge but haven’t checked it in pro 8 yet. working so staying with Cubase 7 and will try 8 in quiet time over holiday. Ed

Jbridge seems to be working here.
However I have had a couple crashes that have been in projects using Jbridged plugs so treading carefully!!

The same tan Grim tells above.
JBridge works for me, but it crashes Cubase in random cases and adds latency wich is no compensated (this latency wasn’t happens in Cubase 7.0.7)

Thanks for suggestions, you have indeed go to PLugin Manager, open the bottom, indicate jbridge folder, and voila! I did not test the compensation, didn’t have time, but if no delay compensation, than it is bad! Steinberg, can you fill us in?
In the 7.5 the bridge was not working great (the Cubase one), so I bought jbrige and it’s OK. Does Cubase 8 has a bridge? is it the same like the 7.5 one, or better?

S9omething else, it may be useful for some of you: I am using a Matrox 9128 dual head, and I had to upgrade the driver. Interesting enough, with the old driver Kramer Master Tape and EMI TG12345 did not work, they did freeze Cubase 7.5. Now, they work fine. But for those with Matrox, beware, make sure it does the update, in my case it went through the process, but when I checked the driver in Device Manager it was the same one.

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