Cubase 9.0.10 audio import problem

Please Help. How can fix this problem?
I have many sound libraries with different files and different folders but with same names… (for example 03.mp3 04.mp4 05.mp3…). And Cubase 9 replace files content in project folder when import another files with same name… or alert error “cannot convert this file type”.
I can’t use porgramm with this bug. :cry:

This bug video:

And same bug on Nuendo 7 (Trial)
(sory for my english)

( This bug in Cubase 9.0.10, Cubase 8.5, in Nuendo 7 (trial))

UPDATE: It’s bug only when import mp3 files (not wav)

I have tried to reproduce the problem but no matter what I do, Cubase renames the files just as you would expect

So first import is 05.wav, 2nd import is automatically renamed to 05-01.wav

No idea why this is an issue on your system but not mine but taking a wild guess, maybe Cubase is confused by your Windows language setting??

Yes, I found, that this bug occurs only with mp3 files. If I import wav files, Cubase will import them properly. (from second 05.wav Cubase create 05-01.wav in project folder).
but if i import 05.mp3 (first file) (and Cubase convert it to 05.wav in project folder), then import another 05.mp3 (second file), Cubase replace content of frirst file 05.wav in project folder. (or popup error “Cannot convert file”, if anything been played)

Today checked on another computer, and checked in the version 8.5.20. The same problem is present.