Cubase 9.0.10 Crashes every 15 minutes.

Cubase crashes very often like every 15 min or so every time on any project i work . I have notice when i am using Halion Sonic 2 is more likely to happen, just crashes with no reason .I want to attach an entire crash log file i received from the Mac after the crash occurs but i do not know how to, it seems i can not upload text file here. I hope to get some help this is becoming very ridiculous. I have completely uninstalled Cubase and deleted preferences but nothing helps.

I am on Macbook Pro 15 touch bar , Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3.

Thank you

Posting a crash dump file here won’t help you much. We’re mostly just users like you & don’t have the tools or knowledge to use the dump.

You should submit a support request from your My Steinberg account. Tell them you have crash dumps & they will most likely ask you to send them the dumps when they respond.

Same here with MBP 2016 Touchbar!!! Spoke to Fabio today and it seems like (not 100% certain) it has to be an issue with the touchbar.

He will get back to me after Steinberg analyzed the Crash Reports and Apple Reports from my macbook! I guess there will be something official very soon.

let’s hope for the best

Please let us know what they will come up with

Thank you very much for your replay!

I only use waves plugins , Kontakt and some Cubase’s plugins and instruments such a Halion Sonic 2 and my projects are very light with max of 20 tracks.
I will try to run Cubase without any third plugins and see if it’s going to crash. I have also tried to request support from my Steinberg account but unfortunately it does not support my country or god knows what so i am not able to contact anybody from Steinberg and that is a shame in my opinion.