Cubase 9.0.30 App Hangs

Hi all,

I’ve updated my Cubase 9 to the latest version 9.0.30 couple of days ago and since then the app hangs very often, I would say regularly.
I’ve noticed one particular thing that causes majority of crashes - zooming out with mouse from the time line. But this is not the only time the app hangs. It may hang just like that, nothing repetitive except for the above case. I’m forced to quit the app via Task Manager, where Cubase is in “Not responding” status.
Yesterday I had to finish an important session on Cub 8, where everything seems OK.

Attaching 2 images of the windows crash report window.
OS: Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit

Any ideas for solving the issue would be much appreciated.


Moved my post here:

Update. C9 has stopped (at least for today) its weird “hang” because of the zooming through the time line but now it is crashing at Closing of a project or Exit from the program. This is even more annoying and I can’t relate this to anything particular. As said I’m on Win 7 Pro and the PC is not connected to a network. (Connecting it very briefly on very rare occasions)

I still hope anyone to could help. Or I’ll try to revert this buggy C9.0.30 back to the previous more stable version. Another big 'ol nonsense is I can’t import audio from a video file with this new build. It doesn’t work under Win 7 *yet). Come on… Steinberg. Is this a joke?!

Exactly the same problem.

Cubase 9.0.3,
OS: Windows 7 Max
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 2.83 Ghz
Ram: 16 GB
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD6670 with 2 monitors
Sound: M-Audio Firewire Solo

If I use the video on my project - I work about 3-5 minutes and - bang, the app does not close, force quit Cubase.
And here the same - when scrolling in the project. Very often.
This is my headache. :frowning: