Cubase 9.0

Looking at how Wavelab Pro 9 works, how it handles its windows, I am quite sure Cubase Pro 9.0 will have a similair look and feel to it. In Wavelab Pro 9 there are bezier curves, so that piece of code will make it’s way to Cubase Pro 9 as well. Happy days!

Start counting down the months … 8 to go.

Wavelab is more or less a one man show when it come to coding. I would be very surprised if any code would flow into Cubase.

I know that the Wavelab team is smaller, but the signs are good in my opinion. Look at the tighter integration between Wavelab and Cubase. Usually companies like to go for the same look for their products, and with the code available for Bezier curves and window layout, it would be a waste not to recycle the code that is available.

Oh Gawd this hasn’t started already?

Beware maybe I put myself in repeat mode :mrgreen: , I already asked this when WL9 came out.

My only comment this time is: C’mmon let’s work together! :bulb:

the last update to Cubase 8.5 will remove the “play” function…for the paid update Cubase 9 will feature a special “Play” function…there will be cheers and joy in the streets with calls of “$teinberg’s most brilliant update yet thanks for the great Play feature”…well, this will be the case if history is anything to consider…

And don’t forget there’s a shiny new “basic sampler” to look forward to.

and lets not forget the features from long forgotten past that might return, (wavelab integration lost at sea for so many years and now it’s back!)

:astonished: hmmm, a lot of “glass half empty” people here … bummer.

Well the glass is certainly still half full of unresolved bugs and issues.That is the half that I want emptied and bggr the new features. Number one being the window handling which drives me mad. Oh and as for new features, if the Cloud stuff 8.5 is an indication of the future I will definitely be emptying my glass.

My guess is it won’t be looking like Wavelab at all.

As said above, this Cubase-Wavelab integration is not new. We had it about 15 years ago up to Cubase SX when they said it couldn’t continue with the introduction of multiple undo’s. At least that is the story I read.

And, as said above…Wavelab is pretty much a 1 man show for coding…meaning P.G…not a “smaller team.”

Really? As in P.G. the moderator on here, codes Wavelab more-or-less single-handed? Pretty impressive!

That doesn’t mean the Cubase team can’t pickup good ideas from P.G.! They should!

Yes P.G the moderator and developer of Wavelab. That is the cool thing…you present a bug for him to verify, and if verified, he says he will fix it in the next update…and he usually does! Of course some issues take time, and he will tell you that. I’m disappointed with WL9 fx automation as I thought it would be similar to the way Cubase handles it so some features take time to implement. But the cool thing is, unlike Cubase, you get a sense of close communication between developer and user and what can or will be improved upon or fixed.

As far as actual 1 man…Wavelab is his baby. He may outsource or have assistance, but he codes. And his replies indicate he is hands on.

Wavelab looks AWESOME! I hope they can they see that on the sales - and for the first time I’m considering buying it!

Cubase is a great DAW and I’m looking forward to the next version. Fingers crossed for not too many bugs.

Yup. How PG gets everything done seems kind of amazing.

Not quite sure what you mean by window handling, but I’m transitioning to Cubase 8.5 from FL Studio 12, and one thing I miss about FL Studio was the way you could snap window edges together, to easily fill the entire screen with a custom “workspace” (to use Steinberg’s term).

Well one example being how the toolbar operates in a multiple screen situation. If you run the arrange page over two screen with the toolbar top left there will be a blank space at the top of the right screen where the desktop shows. Ask if you have the grey screen under the tool bar for working with plugins, quite often Ryan blank grey background disappears and you see the desktop. Unfortunately this happen a a lot and is very irritating.

Perhaps things might be better if the tool bar was imposed on top of other windows and had an autohide facility, or could be incorporated in a window of you choosing - the arrange page or the mixer.