Cubase 9.010 Loss of Audio for all Projects

I went to load up a project this morning that I’ve been working on for weeks, and the project will not play back any audio.

When the project is playing, no sound is registering through the mixer. No sound is registering in the mixer for any of the tracks in the project. No sound coming from stereo out.

Went to load up another project, and the same thing is happening. No sound what-so-ever.

I’ve tried toggling my ASIO drivers, and that doesn’t fix the issue.

Can someone please help me resolve this so I can continue working on my project? This is extremely annoying.

Here’s an update: I downloaded and installed the ASIO4ALL driver, and I’m now able to see volumes in the mixer, but still no audio. I use a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, so I uninstalled, and reinstalled the USB drivers. After doing that, Cubase will still not play any audio from the Focusrite drivers; no audio coming through the mixers.

My inputs/outputs on the VST connections screen are all setup to run through the Scarlett.

I should be hearing audio. Can someone please help? Everything was fine last night, and this morning all of a sudden, nothing.

Update for anyone that has the same issue:

The problem was that I was running Cubase 9.0.1 on my desktop, but 9.0.0 on my laptop. As I worked on projects between the two devices, they would corrupt and crash Cubase. Additionally, this caused some issues with my device drivers.

Solution: Reinstall Cubase 9.0.0 on my desktop. Reinstall Focusrite USB drivers and remove all references to Focusrite in Regedit.