Cubase 9.5.1

I have been hanging with 6.5.5 for almost 4 years now and I was happy enough. However, I have recently tried and then purchased 9.5.1. I have to say to those of you who have avoided the newer Cubase versions, it’s time to move. This version is 64 bit - and VST3 - and it really works well. I know there are ppl posting issues and bugs but this is always the norm, I am convinced there are no deal breakers here.

Note: If you are still running 32 bit VST2 plugins you are out of luck, you will crash and burn if you try it (UNLESS YOU USE JBRIDGE, I’M TOLD, READ ROMANTIQUE’S POST BELOW). And Romantique testifies that Jbridge works here so I assume that it must. (All my aftermarket plugins are VST3 so I have no reason to try it.)

Another thing I have learned is that you are best served by 9.5.1 if you uninstall 6.5.5 or whatever you might have - or - at least be sure you have a large enough C drive to intall about 12.3 G of material. You will find that the old VST Sound folder with it’s earlier sound samples might not perform as expected - cross-pollnation is not a good thing with all sound samples. You really need to download all the NEW Content. Note: If you are still running 32 bit VST2 plugins you are out of luck, you will crash and burn…(unless you use Jbridge apparently).

As to performance, 9.5.1 is a faster and smoother machine, have no doubt. Noticeably better with much less CPU loading with the addition of the new Direct Offline Processing function for your plugins or offline software. Rather amazing in this regard actually. Also access to external hardware performs better than it did before, with easy access to connecting gear and returning it to Cubase. Maybe take a look at YouTube.

Actually CB 9.5.10 is a 64 bit software only and requires a 64 bit OS. It will work with my VST2.4 & VST3 plug-ins but they must be 64 bit versions. 32 bit VSTs will not work in the native CB environment but many have purchased and installed Jbridge software and have had success running 32 bit VSTs too.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks for this clarification, Prock.

Hm, I thought 9.5.1 has a VST2 plugin lockout scan? I know I cannot run any VST2 versions of my VST3 plugins within 9.5.1 but then I don’t have Jbridge. Maybe Jbridge will work here but I don’t know, I’ll defer to you on that subject.

I did correct my post to say VST 2.4. Not sure about VSTs earlier than that (it might also work with VST 2.1 if it was made as a 64 bit version (doubtful) but I have replaced everything I had that was older than 2.4 so I can’t confirm that). Remember, VST 2.4 still need to be a 64 bit version. The Jbridge software bridges 32 bit VSTs to work in the 64 bit VST requirement and really has nothing to do with VST 2 versus 3.

My guess is that you have 32 bit VST 2 installed. Check to see if you can find your VST’s as a 64-bit version. Many are available.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Prock, yeah, I really don’t have any 32 bit plugins anymore, but I did see that there are a ton of 64 bit Izotope VST2 plugins that are shadowed by duplicate and acceptable 64 bit VST3 plugins. I would guess that they are just part of their original offering that they have not removed. I also see in the accepted list that the Steinberg VST 2.4 64 bit plugins are acceptable in 9.5.1, as you describe.

All 64 bit VST2 plugins work perfectly fine in Cubase 9.5, so do 32 bit VST2 plugins if you use jBridge… Please edit your first post so people don’t get the wrong idea.

Romantique, alright I changed my post and referenced you because I do not run Jbridge. Hopefully I stated things correctly?

And then a question about 32 bit VST2 plugins? What are some of these old plugins that you like and can’t live without in the 32 bit VST2 domain? I’m curious, yes I am.