Cubase 9.5.10 maintenance update not registered

Hi guys,

I already posted this in the update thread, but unfortunately this never got answered…

I installed the 9.5.10 update, which is also indicated in the installer app. However, on my CB9.5 splash screen it still refers to 9.5.0. Also when viewing the ‘about cubase’ entry.

Does anyone have a clue?



Do you have two different versions of Cubase installed? For example, Cubase Pro and Cubase Elements? Perhaps you updated one and are starting the other?

Tx for your reply.

I have only one 9.5 version installed. I do have 8.5 and 7.5 installed too, but that should be no problem. I do have 9.5 installed on a non OS drive.

Any further insight would be appreciated.


I’d guess this may be the problem. Try running the update again and check if there is a Custom Installation option. Did you get a message last time to say it had updated successfully?