cubase 9.5/10 not starting

Hi All I have cubase 10/9.5 not starting at all and stalling as soon as the launch window comes up, mostly when it says ‘initialising…’
I have updated elcc and ur 22 drivers and am using windows 10 with 64bit OS. This has only occured in the past week. Any suggestions
what i can do to get around this? Have contacted support but no reply from them.

If you’re on Windows? Have you tried pressing Shift+Ctlr+Alt as soon as the screen splash shows and follow the instructions which come up? That might give you a way to start to diagnose the issue. Also, put your system details and software into your signature, as anybody trying to help will need that info.

Ok thanks, will give that a try now. Have updated my signature as well.

I have just tried pressing, shift, ctrl and alt but nothing coming up…the screen just freezes with the cubase 10 window loading in the middle, again stating ‘initialising…’

If it doesn’t reach even the flash screen (when you see that is the time to try that key sequence) it’s probably best to hope that Martin.Jirsak on this forum has a look at a crash log for you. Cubase can stumble over dodgy plugins sometimes, but I’d expect you to see the flash screen which should be showing progress of the start up.

Have you tried running maintenance on the licenser dongle?, or perhaps move it to a different USB port? Does it light up?

Have you had the system working correctly, or is this a new version of software?