Cubase 9.5.10 sending to Izotope RX 6 returns in clipped distortion

Sending a file from Cubase 9.5 to Izotope RX 6 works, when I send it back to Cubase it comes in clipped and distorted. It works fine- with the same files/project/sample rate/bitrate - in Cubase 9. Anyone else seeing this or have a fix? cheers!

Just in case there is another person that uses Cubase 9.5 with Izotope rx advanced 6.1.

more info

You got the recent upgrade to Rx 6.1, right?


I have Rx6 elements, but haven’t tried it out much because I’m not really ready to use it yet. Like many recent plugins, I got a sale price. This lead me to tally all my plugins in a spreadsheet. I noticed the latency on certain iZotope plugins is huge. For Rx 6.1 I get:

  • de-click: 29445
  • de-clip: 21343
  • de-hum: 0
  • voice de-noise: 0

I’m pretty sure you’ll see the same numbers. If latency is part of the problem, then you wouldn’t see it with the zero latency cases. I once had a deactivated instance of Neutrino (by iZotope) in a post fader slot on a track, and it created a digital delay effect by latency. Deactivated!

This is likely irrelevant as RX Connect is a factor in my issue. Thanks for the post though.