Cubase 9.5.2 is contantly Freezing. Need info on where to send crashdump

Cubase 9.5.2 is contantly Freezing. Fresh install, Cubase updated to latest version, all drivers updated to latest versions. I need someone to check whats going on in the crash dump. Had this kind of issues for a long time now. Thank you.


If it does crash and the crash dump file has been created (located in Documents/Steinberg/crash dumps), share some of the files via Dropbox (or similar service), please.

Hi, Here are some dump files. Most of the time it doesn’t create one. It just freezes and the only option i have is to End task.


Cubase is not present in any of these crashlogs, in the stack.

KERNELBASE is mentioned 3 times, PURPLEP is mentioned once.

I see some risky plug-ins in your system. Make sure all of your plug-ins are up to date, please.

Thank you very much. I will check that right away