Cubase 9.5.20 Audio EXPORT 32bit BUG FIXED !!

If you use audio export and set it to 32bit, THE EXPORTED FILE IS 16 bit !!! Am i doing something wrong? Checked this with wavelab 9.5, and it makes Cubase 9.5.20 useless for me … F

Works fine for me.

Are you sure you are not down converting the file whilst importing it into Wavelab? I’d try checking the files codec information with a different media player like VLC or winamp.

I exported a simple 44,1Khz 16Bit 10 second project to a 44.1Khz 32Bit wav file and it seems to work fine here too, exports as 32bit wav file.

It’s weird … The PC (Windows 10 x64) froze later on, and after rebooting the lot all worked OK. Indeed it might have been something in Wavelab, although i checked settings but could not find something affecting WAV imports … weird. F