Cubase 9.5.20 Import Instrument/Midi/Sampler tracks from Project won't work


Have some serious issue with 9.5.20 (9.5.10 works ok). Win7 x64.

  1. Open any project (you can open empty too).
  2. Go to File → Import → Tracks from Project, select any project with Instrument/Midi/Sampler tracks inside (with events).
  3. Select some tracks to import (Instrument, Midi or Sampler), press OK.
  4. Tracks will be imported, but without any events. Sometimes you even got crash. :confused:

Audio tracks imported ok.

Anyone can confirm this? I often use this function, so I immediately noticed that issue.

Yep confirmed on win10
It awkwardly doesnt always copy events. On my third try i got an error message(Ive been able to see the red attention sign in the message but not the content text) for a brief moment and it dissapeared

EDIT: A workaround- Tracks and instruments ge imported most of the time. Events can be draged and droppe if you opent the source project.

Yes I also have this issue on Win 10 x64.
Rolling back to 9.5.10 as I use this feature frequently.

Ugh, me too on Windows 7.
It’s frustrating because I don’t want to roll back to 9.5.10 because the mixer history is broken on that version.

Just had a quick try of this and noticed the following. No audio was in the projects I was importing from so could not try that.

I. New empty project.
2. Import 2 instruments from another project, one Cakewalk Z3ta the other Steinys Prologue. Z3ta imports fine, Prolohue is empty. Z3ta is the first instrument in the track view.
3. Closed project.
4. Created new project and repeated the same import, both were now empty.
5. Quit Cubase completely.
6. Restarted and opened a new empty project. Again, only the first instrument was loaded correctly.
6. Imported from another project with a mix of softsynths in. Again only the first instrument loaded correctly.
7. Closed project (not a complete quit), created a new empty one, and re-imported same tracks, nothing brought in this time.

So, it appears that the first instrument track imported works fine, but after that it’s broken.

Confirmed on 9.5.20.

Please, post bugs to the Issues forum. Moved.

Same issue here, on High Sierra… This is a serious problem for my workflow!
I hope a fix is coming ASAP.

I’m currently trying to roll back to 9.5.10 to get some work done. I’m having some issues doing that though. I’m on a Mac (High Sierra). I ran the 9.5.10 update installer successfully (twice) but Cubase still says 9.5.20… Any ideas?


You need to uninstall the 9.5.20 first.

Thanks but I’m unsure how to do that on a Mac. Does Steinberg install an ‘uninstaller’ somewhere just for the update? Or do I need to uninstall the whole program??

I used to use a Mac for Cubase- it’s been a while, but here’s a suggestion. (there might be easier ways, but I can’t test)

Use the Steinberg Download asst to download the 1.5 gb "Cubase Pro 9.5 Update form 9.0 " I presume it contains only the app package and some content updates, rather than the full 11 gb install. Then use your 9.5.10 updater. (and don’t let the installer search for updates when it asks, it’ll just dl 9.5.20.)

If Steve’s suggestion doesn’t work then I’d suggest dragging the whole Cubase prog to the bin. That was the way it was done when I last had experience with a Mac…but that was last century I think so things may have changed. That assumes you have the original installers too otherwise you’ll need to download again.

Hopefully a current Mac user can chime in.

Also experiencing this issue. Does anyone know if saving the source project to a track archive, then importing the track archive to the destination project still works as expected? Might at least be a workaround until this bug gets fixed.

Yes, this is working fine for me over here.

Confirmed. :frowning: Needed to roll back to 9.5.10 because I use Track Import all of the time.

I see that you’re on a Mac… How did you roll back? Did you use Steve’s method from above? Thx!

I actually installed it on my laptop to test, not on my main computer. Macs are a pain with reverting back to older versions, unfortunately. In the past I’ve had to use Steve’s method, so now I test first on my laptop. :slight_smile:

Gotcha… And good call on the Laptop. I’ve never had an issue with new updates but I suppose I should follow your lead now ;(

I never did either, until this one. But I started doing it this time just to be careful, since I have projects on deadlines that I can’t spend the time to re-install from scratch sometimes. :slight_smile: And now I’ll do it every time.