Cubase 9.5.20 maintenance update

Today we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the next maintenance update for the Cubase product family, version 9.5.20. The update provides fixes and improvements throughout several areas of the applications.

Download Cubase Pro 9.5.20
Download Cubase Artist 9.5.20
Download Cubase Elements 9.5.20
Download Cubase AI 9.5.20
Download Cubase LE 9.5.20

Please find all details in the version history

Thanks for the update but disappointing to see the Eucon/VCA bug still not fixed (unable to mute VCAs from the control surface). Been waiting for this to be resolved since 8.5.

what about the limitation of loading VST plugins issue many users have?
is steinberg anything doing to lift the limitation like studio one recently did?

thank you for the update. Unfortunately none of the issues I have has been fixed. Including this serious one

So many times I screwed my projects because I was editing several tracks at the same time without knowing it (while in Q-link mode).

01 Create two tracks.
02 Move one of them into Collapsed folder.
03 Open mix console, or lower zone mix console.
04 On the mix console choose folded track
05 On the arranger window click on unfolded track
result: both tracks are being selected as if I were holding CTRL button.

Here is a private link to the demonstration video

Before I install can anyone confirm the mixers peak number dark charcoal grey fonts are still barley visible or readable ( & smaller in size unlike in 9.5.0)

Thank you. Installed without issue. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Got the update installed; no problems at all.

The peak numbers (below the meters) haven’t changed as far as I can tell; still barely visible. The broken ‘strikethrough’ look of the numbers on the actual meters is still, err, broken…!

Here’s what they look like now, compared to v9.0.40
Mixer_meter clarity_Cb9520.png
Mixer_meter clarity_Cb9040.png
Its the same throughout the app of course, Inspector and Edit Channel Settings


They look exactly the same as Cubase 9 for me.

Hmm - you’re on Win7, would love to see some screenshots please… :wink:

No strikethrough.

Looks good - many thanks for posting those; found a fellow ‘complainer’ - who’s sig says he’s on Win10, like me…

On Windows 10/64bit with Cubase Pro 9.5.2 still the same “issue”. :sunglasses:

Best regards from Germany.

Cubase 9.5.20 seems to have updated without problems. So Thx!

FLS max:
It’s a little better, but not resolved.

Thanks to all for the posts & pics regarding the peak meter fonts.

In 9.5 I use 24 channel sizing & am able to read the peaks. What number channel sizing are your pics at?
With the last several updates I had to zoom out to 15 or more & still could barely read the peak numbers.

Wish we could change those font colors for peaks. A brighter yellow or green would make much more sense than dark grey when relying on meter specific info!

FREEZE is still broken :frowning:

Works fine here. If this was a widespread issue you can bet that there would be a much bigger outcry, because that would make Cubase unusable for a lot of people.

Martin requested you to send him your crash logs in another thread. Did you do that? This is far less likely to get fixed without the cooperation of the few people having the issue.

Steinberg release a new update of Cubase the same day as Avid release a new update of Eucon…

Apart from the VCA Mute not working, does Cubase mix console state mirror onto Avid control surface yet?

Been quite a while now or is such basic functionality updates to control surfaces not considered maintainence or are Steinberg simply giving Avid surface users a very cold shoulder, maybe a very public divorce as they climb into bed with another brand controller?

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 8.27.11 PM.jpg
Is this because I have symbolic links on my main drive pointing to the content on my external drive and this installer can’t figure it out?

Logic X updates content to the external drive via a symbolic link no problems.

Cubase cannot do this?

My experience isn’t great to be honest.

Steinberg update crashed my MacBook Pro - so I downloaded the update manually instead.

  • Insert slot truncation isn’t fixed in the lower zone
  • Media Bay folder order is half fixed, sub folders are still out of order, as are folders under ‘Favourites’ in the right zone
  • Cubase still hangs on quit most of the time, even with a completely blank project