Cubase 9.5.21 - Consantly Crashing some projects

As the title suggests, i’m getting a lot of “Crashing while Loading” problems with some projects, but i’m just focusing on one project that i’m working on at the moment now…

I Have the crash file uploaded here, hopefully someone from Steinberg could read it and help me figure out what the problem is… Because it happens at random…

Couple of things to note:

  1. I have Cubase 9.5.21 installed… Tried 9.5.30 and had a lot of extra bugs like in the audio pool section… Could not delete unnecessary files and what not. Along with other annoying bugs in that version i had to revert back… However, in this particular project that I’m referring to, it crashes in both 9.5.21 & 9.5.30

  2. I do have elicenser/Windows/Hardware drivers/ Graphics Card drivers up to date as of Today (September 21st 2018)

  3. I’m on PC and using Windows 10 pro (everything updated)… Check my signature for PC Hardware & Audio interfaces)

  4. I tried disabling Steinberg’s HUB cause i saw somewhere that it could (Maybe) cause weird issues with some machines??? i dunno… However, it made zero difference.

  5. Trashed preferences and all that — NO difference

  6. Tried removing the entire Vst2 & Vst3 folder… Sometimes it made a difference and other times it didn’t… (What I mean by that is, even if the ALL the Vst’s were removed, sometimes the project Would load, however, If I exit-restart Cubase and re-load that same project, it may still crash… So again, it happens at random.)

    So the problem is, I load Cubase , then I load project, then the project would refuse to load… Then cubase crashes…

So I reboot, then Reload Cubase and try again and, it works… In other words, the project Loads properly… However, this happens at Random and not in any particular order… In other words, one minute it works, the next it doesn’t. (But more often than not, it crashes and I can’t get in the project)

Any help from Steinberg would be great as I’m really tired of this problem and it has been happening since Cubase 8.0 for me.
Cubase 64bit 2018.9.21 12.12.dmp (1.02 MB)

Can someone from Steinberg please take a look at the Crash dmp and give me a heads up about my problem please?

Martin.Jirsak… Could you or any moderator check my Crash file or if you can’t for whatever reason, please give a link to the software that can so maybe at least i can trouble shoot further myself…


The crash is in elysia_nvelope plug-in. Update to Cubase 9.5.30 and try if it crashes there, or not. If yes, get in touch with the plug-in vendor.

Thanks for responding… and yes, it still crashes with 9.5.30… Plus i Can’t really use 9.5.30 because of the Audio pool problems so I have to revert back to 9.5.21… But at least “in this case” i know which plugin is the issue on this particular project…

What i don’t understand is why this plugin maybe giving problems on this project but in another it works fine???
This sort of issue has baffled me with Cubase to no end…

But thanks for responding…

Also: could you direct me to a piece of software that can read .dmp crash files free or paid?


As far as I know, VisualStudio should be able to resolve the file. But if it crashes directly in Cubase, you will not see the reason, because the symbols will be missing to you.