[Cubase 9.5.3] "Alt+Enter"-assignment renders application unusable

I try to assign the key combination “Alt+Enter” to a command using the user defined key commands dialog (“Tastaturbefehle” in German).
I klick in the “press key” field, then I press “Alt+Enter”.
Instead of this combination getting assigned, the dialog gets maximized and covers the whole screen.
After that, Cubase is unusable, I need to use the task manager to kill the Cubase process.

Windows 10 Pro x64 (1709)


Is this an overall system (Windows) Key Command?

I think so, yes. “Alt+Enter” is a standard system command to maximize a window and works in some of Window’s native applications, for instance in the Windows Console (cmd) or in Windows PowerShell.

Seems like this behavior is carried over to the Cubase key commands dialog if it has the focus, accidentally maximizing it and causing problems afterwards.


I tried on Windows.

I can confirm, the dialog becomes maximised (which seems to be somehow Windows feature). After pressing Alt+Enter Key Command again, the window got its origin size and everything was working normal here.

Just checked: Same behavior here when I don’t load any projects and don’t have other windows open. Press Alt+Enter again - and everything is back to normal.

But when I load a project and open some of its windows, so they are behind the key assign dialog when it is opened, this second press of Alt+Enter doesn’t work, the dialog stays maximized, I can neither close the dialog nor bring other windows to the front; Cubase is frozen.