Cubase 9.5.3 No audio preview in mediabay

I’m currently experiencing a problem with the Mediabay in Cubase Pro 9.5.3, when I open the Mediabay and click on a item in the factory content sub menu, say for instance the Drumloop expansion set the files load up and they appear to play in Mediabay but no audio plays even though the file is playing in the window at the bottom of Mediabay, I have the preview volume slider at max in the Mediabay so it’s not that. I have tried this in Cubase Pro 8.5 and everything works as it should.
The only way I can get to hear the sounds from the Mediabay is to actually insert them into a track in my current project window in Cubase 9.5.3
If anyone has any suggestions please comment.

My current system is running in Mac OS Sierra with Cubase Pro 9.5.3


Open Audio Connections > Studio. Enable Control Room. Add Monitor 1 bus. Set the audio port, where you want to hear the preview. In the Audio Connections > Output, set the pet to Not Connected. All previews are routed to the Monitor 1.

Ok thank you very much that seems to work, did they change this in Cubase 9.5? as it works in Cubase 8.5 without me changing anything.

If you are using The control room. you need to do some configuring to get the Preview audio to play out the appropriate output channel. Otherwise if you have the Control room turned off… it should just play straight out of your stereo output channels.

I don’t use control room and I don’t hear any previews either.
I also can hear the audio if I add to a track but that defeats the whole purpose of preview…
When previewing a midi file there is a dialog box to choose instrument to play the midi but with audio there is no dialog as to where the audio would be played. Seems like the default audio is not correct but there’s no where to change that?


If you are not using Control Room, then the preview channel is the one which is set as Main Mix in the Audio Connections > Outputs. Right click to the bus and enable it. A speaker icon should appear.

Late reply, but I made a YouTube vid about this:

and a blog post:


Or here is the official Steinberg helpcenter article.

Thx! You made my day!