Cubase 9.5.30-9.5.40/Carbon Electra 1.5

I have strange issue with new Carbon Electra 1.5
Earlier version 1.1 works great.

So, Carbon Electra 1.5 is installed on my Mac.
I’m starting Cubase. I’m clicking NEW PROJECT and Cubase immediately is crashing.
Again, starting Cubase. I’m closing HUB window, clicking FILE>NEW PROJECT…Cubase is crashing.
I’m starting Cubase, loading any project.
In project, I’m inserting Carbon Electra 1.5 on the track. It works great.

So, I’m closing project, clicking FILE>NEW PROJECT…and crash
And one more combination.
Starting Cubase, loading any existing project, inserting Carbon Electra on the track. Everything is ok.
I’m not closing this project and I’m Clicking FILE>NEW…and I can create new project :slight_smile:

Of course, when I delete Carbon Electra from VST folder - everything is working great.
I can create new project in anytime.

I’m in contact with developer but he ask me to talk with Steinberg :slight_smile:
What do You think about it?
I’m sending crash log. It’s a crash, when I start a Cubase and choose New Project from HUB window.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:
Cubase 9.5_2018-10-16-212702_MacBook-Pro-Jarek.crash (109 KB)


Where do you save the project? I can see, there is apple.CloudDocs involved in the crash. Actually it’s the last item, and then it crashes. Do you save your project to any cloud folder?

No, I save every projects on Thunderbolt drive. Physical drive, not to cloud.
Never use any cloud to save my projects.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Yes, works without any problem in safe mode!
I can create new project…add Carmen Electra 1.5 and everything is ok.
So what now? :slight_smile: I know, it’s stupid question.
Should I reset all preferences? I don’t want to reset all settings :frowning:(
Do You think that this is only solution?
What about this “cloud”. Why I got this?

Many thanks


Trash the whole preferences is a quick and safe solution (you can make a backup before). Or you can investigate (and spend lots of time), where the problem is.

To be honest, I don’t know, what does the apple.Cloud item means. But it’s the last line in the crashed thread.

Thank You :slight_smile:

So, I did a reset like here:

I install Carbon Electra 1.5 again.
Start Cubase …HUB window and I choose CREATE EMPTY and is ok. I can put Carbon vst on the track and play.
Close Cubase.
Start Cubase and in HUB window I try to change default project folder location…click on the little square on the right with project location - Cubase crashes.
The same, when I choose “prompt for project location”

Solution 50%:
Start Cubase…in HUB window click CREATE EMPTY…I have new project. Now I click FILE>NEW PROJECT
In HUB window I click little square with default project location, and it works. I can change default project location.
But when I click “prompt for project location” - it crashes. Because I use this option, so it’s not a solution for me :frowning:

I’m sending crash log - is this the same problem with “cloud”?

Cubase 9.5_2018-10-18-224842_MacBook-Pro-Jarek.crash (112 KB)


I reported it to Steinberg (CAN-18746). Just for the record, macOS 10.10 is not officially compatible with Cubase 9.5.