Cubase 9.5.30 - crashing on exit - a hint, resloved maybe

maybe for some of you it will be helpful

Try to ceate new profile (in profile manager in cubase). Then activate it.

For me it’s working. Cubase for some reason now stopped crashing on exit. (no matter if I close file first or not). Working :slight_smile:

HSierra, MBPro 2017


Could you please share one of your *.crash file you had before? It would be interesting to know, what kind of crash does this solve. Thanks.

Two crash logs attached. (before changing to new profile) (56 KB)


One crash is in the VST Connect. Make sure you have the latest version installed, please.

The second crash is in Altiverb 7. Make sure you have the very last update installed, please. If it’s still crashing with the last update, get in touch with the Audioease (Altiverb vendor), please.