Cubase 9.5.4 Channel Output bug

I dont know if this is win 1809 or the latest cubase 9.5.4 or the combo. Im testing out both today.

When ever I select that I want to use “No bus” on a audio channel in the Vst mixer . It forces to load 1 of my project outputs instead.

I have 26 mono outputs and 16 stereo outputs in the project audio setup. It always select my mono output 4 instead of killing the output. I can turn off the output in the direct routing. But I cant select No bus.

Also using the direct routing.
In non sum mode, The channel only updates info on changes done in the first slot. If I flip output to slot two, the channel dosent update. The audio part works. but it is a mess when you flip from stereo to mono output visa versa.

I will admit, I havent paid this, much attention before. I use these functions when I export. But it kind of slapped me in the face, while tapping around and looking for bugs in my workflow. I see it is same if I roll back to 9.5.3

This must be some bug, caused by the windows 1809, or some old bug that has passed me wind on my system.
It is only on mono and stereo channels. Rest work as they should with the no bus, selection.

Digging a bit more. I found the issue too only happen on track number one.

It is not only audio. What ever track is number 1 be it midi or audio. Is forced to have a output. A midi track will force select a output if you select no output.

All channels I tested was channel one besides the once that did work as expected. Up on loading my work from yesterday, I notice that everything seamed fine. But the first track was buggy with selecting no output.

No wonder I havent notice it before. Lol