Cubase 9.5.40 enhancements ?

Cubase 9.5.40 now offers 64-bit float and 32-bit integer bit depth recording and format export as well as including many enhancements to automation, the MixConsole, the MediaBay and other audio and MIDI tools and capabilities.

What enhancements are made for MixConsole, the MediaBay and other audio and MIDI tools and capabilities?

says in the version history:

I have seen that pdf… I dont see enhancements for midi and audio tools,except fixes and the new 64 bit export things. Thought maybe I missed some new functionality and improvments to the tools

valid questions mozizo…what are the “many enhancements to midi and audio tools and capabilities”? i dont see any new functions listed…

It’s just an incremental update

many many midi:

many mixconsole:
mix console.png
many audio tools:
audio tools.png

Steinberg is a joke. Let’s see what is the deal with Cubase 10. Although, I’m not waiting much.

What did you want?

Steinberg can’t win - when they add new features one section of users say it’s all bells and whistles and they should be making the app more solid. When they make updates to the stable running of cubase another section says they want new features.

It’s funny though that many users seem to be reporting problems regarding this fix: “Custom FX Chain Presets can now be loaded as

I am still on the fence re applying this update…


I’m not waiting for anything I said. The only thing that I wish from Steinberg is workflow improvements and stability. That’s all.