Cubase 9.5.41 Import audio view issues

Cubase 9.5.41 Import audio view issues
When I want to import a file and I want pre listening it, then there is a problem displaying the import window as in the video. How can I fix it?
macbook pro 15’ 2015 os x mojave 10.14.3. cubase 9.5.41

Hi and welcome,

If I’m right, this has been fixed in Cubase 10.0.15. So there is a hope, it will be fixed also back in Cubase 9.5.50 (or what ever version number will it be, if there will be a last 9.5.x update available, after Cubase 10 release, as we are used to).

After updating 9.5.5 still nothing. Issues with view window when I starting import track. Can anyone help me? And why support doesn’t reply on my e-mail?


I tried on Cubase 9.5.50 now and it works to me here (macOS 10.13).

I am on 9.5.50 / OSX 10.14.3 and have the same issue. It is REALLY frustrating.