Cubase 9.5.41 unstable, flickering studio menu

Hi all,

my studio drop menu flickers/pulses almost every second
some pages of the device setup / studio setup window also exhibit visual bugs
sometimes the tree on the left has red text
sometimes a slightly different set of buttons show up over the top of the ok / cancel buttons
I have attached some dumps, I can’t read them.
I can no longer edit generic remote, I tried exporting and re-importing xml files
tried trashing prefs
tried reinstalling cubase 2 times, with a newly created user on windows 10 pro, up to date.
tried selecting no driver to eliminate sound card being the cause
still the same
ran sfc /scannow no corrupted files found
malwarebytes scan is ok, my day job is IT admin, this computer is clean.

I can confirm this bug does not occur on 9.5.0
as soon as I install 9.5.41 it comes back again.

I’d roll back but I want the bugfixes and newly added channel strip parameters accessible now to generic remote profiles.

any other suggestions?
CrashDumps.rar (1.45 MB)

some more info
9.5.0 ok
9.5.10 ok
9.5.20 ok
9.5.21 bug starts
9.5.30 bug present
9.5.40 bug present
9.5.41 bug present

so it’s definitely a Cubase bug and not an OS/environment element causing this.