Cubase 9.5.41 update available

Hi all,

We have just uploaded the Cubase 9.5.41 maintenance update that fixes the issues that have been reported since the release of version 9.5.40.

The update is available in the download section and will be available in the next minutes through the Steinberg Download Assistant as well.

Download 9.5.41

I would like to thank all the contributors in this forum for their feedback and help to identify and resolve the issues. Also, thank you for your patience while waiting for this update. The 9.5.40 wasn’t our best release yet and we will review our maintenance release process carefully to do better in the future.

Best regards,

Thanks, small but important release on this.

Thank you.

Mediabay syncing seems to work so far, fingers crossed and preset loading too.

thank you!

btw, it be great if steinberg can release small hotfixes like that every 1-2 week, this way can solve all bugs around 1 month
It’s much easier and less painful for users, waiting for an update almost half year

Hooray! Thanks a lot!

Thank you Matthias.

All looking good again here.

I agree thats a good idea :smiley:
Having only joined the Cubase family since June of this year.But can imagine the frustration of fellow Cubase users,who rely on Cubase to produce their music to make a living out of

Having regular updates (as to whats happening,etc from Steinberg would be great,too.Overall as a hobbyist,I am very happy with Cubase,lots of stuff still to discover of course :smiley:

Great stuff :smiley:

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Thank you… :wink:

The update installed without issue and Cubase is running fine.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks to Steinberg, and to the users who identified the issues. Cubase releases had been so reliable over the last couple of years that I forgot my own rule; NEVER install an update until at least 2 weeks after released to the public so there is time for the “final stage of Beta testing” :wink:

Thanks for this! I look forward to feedback from the community to see if it’s safe now to update.

Ran this all day and no problems so far.

After 10 days of nightmare with 9.5.40 finally Cubase works as expected with 9.5.41

I guess someone got a few slapped handies and have been working round the clock for a few days, nights… Thank you Steinberg.

Hi guys. Can someone verify if the MediaBay “Align Beats to Project” is working as expected? I just wanna know if is only me. Thanks

Working fine here.

Thanks GiovanniB. It seems off here. I don’t know what happened. Maybe I need to do a clean installation.

Working fine here
Align Beats to Project -ok.
Channel strips working - ok.
FX Chain presets working - ok.

PS. processing precision - 32 bit float

Cheers for the update.

Any news on the official compatibility with Mac OS Mojave?