Cubase 9.5.50 + Fabfilter Plugins

Hello. Each time when I open and close the plugin window (Fabfilter bundle) Cubase crashes. Does anyone have the same problem? (last windows 10 1809)


Make sure you have the latest FabFilter update installed.

Could you attach the crash dump located in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder, please?

Here you go:

I’ve installed Fabfilter 2019 and problem still appears. 9.5.41 version has no issue about it. Cubase crashes when I close the FF plugin window. Shit.

The latest version of nVidia GeForce graphics drivers have been causing some issues with FF recently.

I have ATI Radeon RX560 series graphics card and Cubase 9.5.5, and all the FabFilter plugins and instruments are working fine.

I have the same problem in Cubase 1 pro! When I try to close any fabfilters plug-in cubase crashes without notice or crash dump.
Win 10 x64. I have recently updated Nvidia drivers!

Nvidia 419.35 drivers crash FF plugins. Be careful!

Nvidia 416.34
W10 1809 (17763.379)
no probs here

try this old fix