Cubase 9.5.50 update MAC OSX Sierra


Getting weird errors concerning e-licenser since this update and Cubase won’t start up (freezes). Maintenance done, registrations all good.
Also cannot go back to 9.5.41 because that isn’t downloadable anymore…

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 10.43.39.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 10.46.05.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 10.48.48.jpg

I would try maintainenence on e license, try another USB port for dongle and it might mean your dongle is failing. I’m on Sierra with NO elicense errors at all with 9.5,5 NOW but had these same issues when I first went to Sierra and wound up getting a new dongle. It’s good to have a back up dongle anyway.

Thanks Robert, will try that!

Hi Robert,

Did you transfer license from disk to the new dongle or did you go the ‘zero downtime’ route?


Uninstall E licenser app, install latest one, should fix it. Also, let it do its maintenance routine after you install

Thanks. Did that before and didn’t work. Did that just now and didn’t work too.


Go to , USERS/Library/Prefs and look for any pref that is e licenser related and trash it. Then open the license control center and let it do its maintenance then close and boot Cubase, if you still have the same issue you may need to trash the Cubase prefs in the same location

Thanks! Done all that but still get (fewer) errors. sometimes Cubase works fine and sometimes not. Think I’ll get me a new usb licenser.

New licenser did the job, works fine now! Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Rene, exactly the same messages. Funny though, it doesn’t always happen. I did as Steinberg Support suggested, updated the elicensor. Same issues after doing so, and doing a shut down and restart.

Rene/Robert…I have a new e-licenser…ordered a couple months ago. Sorry for the next question but: How best to install insert the new one in my iMac without losing all my licenses? Does it automatically recognize them? I hoping not to go through the trash preferences shtick. my original (current) elincenser stick is probably 10+ years old, been in 3 Macs of various iterations. Tired, maybe? As mentioned, updating to the latest software didn’t help.
Thanks much!