Cubase 9.5.50 update

I can’t update Cubase 9.5.41 to version 9.5.50
Windows are terminating update process -please see the attached
Up to this point I never had problems with updating or upgrading Cubase
I’m using Cubase Pro 9.5.41 on Windows 7 Pro (up to date )
I wonder if anybody had the same problem , maybe I’m doing something wrong ?
Any ideas? Please help

Hello Again

Since I posted about the problem I did notice very peculiar behavior - I have old update files from Steinberg Cubase 8.0 ; 8.3.30 ;9.0 ;9.0.30 - also WaveLab 9.5.40 so I did try them to initialize update - and all those up-daters work fine when “click” they all start update process… And then when it comes to versions 9.5 it brakes or I should say bricks … All 9.5 versions including 9.5.50 are “bricked” at least on my “recording PC”
I managed to open 9.5.50 updater shell on another Win machine -this pc doesn’t have any Stainberg software installed ,after I did that I cope update folder to USB drive and transfer it to my recording pc somehow it worked and the Cubase got updated to 9.5.50
I’m not sure - do we have another bug or my recording PC needs windows reinstall
Can anybody from Steinberg comment on this problem
Than You -Peter

I have installed Cubase 9.5.50 with succes.
But I am having a lot of problems initializing all the plugins…a lot are on the blacklist now, but on Cubase 9.5.0 they all work fine!
What a waste of time…
OMG, and Cubase support is very poor!!
Shame on you STEINBERG!!!
I am not gonna upgrade to Cubase 10, because it’s to expensive!
And I am going to downgrade to 9.5.0 that is most stable!

So Peter, stay away from 9.5.50

Is it worth updating to 9.5.50?

The above post doesn’t fill me with confidence and blacklisting legit plugins is already a PITA. i’m on 9.5.41 and its running relatively smoothly but i put that mainly down to the fact i’ve recreated all my templates in that version. Past experience has consistently shown that updates partially corrupt my projects made in an older version.

Or would it be better to just forget this update and upgrade to Cubase 10 and not use it till they fix that (from what i’ve read)?

Of course it is worth updating. Yes we see users posting here that have issues but, think about the happy silent majority of users who updated without issue (like myself).

Also… if you did have issues after updating, Windows makes it real easy to remove the update and go back to whatever version you had.

My opinion in reqards to purchasing CB 10…
With the deals Steinberg is currently offering I would do it. Even if the purchase was to hold activation for a later new version.

Good luck. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

Just to inform you, as a reaction to what was written earlier in this thread:

I just upgraded from exactly the same version: from 9.5.41 to 9.5.50. No problems at all. Even the mediabay ratings are still intact.

best Rinke