Cubase 9.5.50

I see there is a new Cubase version available. Is anyone using it? I don’t see anything on the forums yet.


I saw some users are referring to C9.5.50. So yes, there are definitely users.

Would it be too much to ask to put this release up top? 9.5.41 is still the one showing

I’m using .50.

It’s been fine so far.


Shows how little notice they take of us…

They’ve had 4.5 weeks to fix this simple thing since you prompted them.

How can any company be so inept at listening to their customers. PR disaster.

…and according to Steinberg’s official compatibility chart, 9.5.50 is not compatible with anything…

Good init.

hmm. i guess they are focusing on selling and supporting 10

Using 9.5.5 - no issues but i’m not really a power user. As a matter of fact - I seem to like doing things the hard way. I never try a new feature until I think I need it in an active project.

Using 9.5.5 on Mavericks. Seems good. All Steinberg Vsts working fine.

I have running 9.5.50. There are issues, but none that weren’t also there in 9.5.