Cubase 9.5 Activation OR Cubase 8.0 Reactivation

Greetings and Salutations. Bought a new (to me) 2012 Mac Mini. I had been a Cubase 8.0 user on my previous rig. When I set up my new computer I mistakenly and inadvertently purchased and installed the upgrade to 9.5 without at first installing 8.0. I then downloaded and installed 8.0 thinking that would open me for business. I believe this is where my heartaches begin. When I try to activate 8.0, Cubase crashes. When I try to open 9.5, it prompts me to enter the license number that I am upgrading, but I always receive “No License to Upgrade Selectable” alert which doesn’t make sense to me as it shows Cubase 8 is available in the Elicense window. What am I doing wrong?

Hi and welcome,

If this was the very first activation of the Cubase 8, you get Cubase 9.5 license for free.

First, start eLicenser Control Center, and double check, what license do you have available.

You don’t have to install Cubase 8 to be able to upgrade to Cubase 9.5 (if the upgrade is necessary). You need just a valid license on the USB-eLicenser.