Cubase 9.5 (and 10.5) and Behringer X-Touch Compact: How To?

Hi All.
I just bought the Behringer X-Touch Compact to work in Cubase using the 100mm faders to drive the various MIDI CCs (especially CC11). This is the first time I use external hardware with Cubase (and I use Cubase exclusively) and I can’t figure out how to get the result I need.
I have seen videos on Youtube but have found no explanation for my problem. I have read a Steinberg pdf for remote control devices, but there it is explained how to set specific machines, the X-Touch Compact is different. Compared to the Mackie MCU Pro, JL Cooper and Yamaha, the Compact also has a Standard mode, in which, with the Behringer editing software, you can map faders to control all MIDI CCs and save the mappings as presets. On the other hand, in MC mode the Compact cannot map the faders. I didn’t understand if loading the preset in standard mode and then switching to MC mode, this works with the loaded preset or with the default MC preset. In Cubase I configured the studio in Mackie mode, input and output set, unchecked “All Midi” in the port settings. If the Compact is in MC mode, it turns on, but unfortunately the faders only create volume curves and not MIDI CC curves. If the Compact is in Standard mode, however, it does not activate and does not connect. I tried again, but this time setting up the Studio with Generic Device, but nothing happens. I have to solve the problem as soon as possible, because I bought the Compact just to use the Faders to control the MIDI CCs in Cubase, and if I discover that it is not possible to do so then I have to proceed with the withdrawal from the purchase, but obviously I have a few days to do it. What can I do to solve the problem? I mean … to understand where am I wrong and what should I do?

Thank You all.