Cubase 9.5 and Catalina

so… seems it’s officially unsupported/not compatible. Anyone else find this extremely frustrating? The only options now being to never upgrade again, pay for the upgrade to Cubase 10.5… which is about $250… about the same price as Logic Pro… which receives free upgrades forever I think. This may make me jump ship… I HATE FORCED UPGRADES.

Same thing here. It’s unbelievable. I’ve already download Logic. My Cubase life just ended. I’m so tired of it.


Cubase 9.5 is not in development anymore. Therefore it cannot offer supported compatibility.

The problem is… Cubase adds a couple features and then calls it a whole new version… in many cases I don’t really use their new features… so… you are essentially paying for the same thing. I think Cubase has lost my business.

I agree. Their “new” software is really just the old software with a couple of new features that I would never use.

All Steinberg has to do is run their Cubase 9.5 code through a 64-bit compiler and … poof! … 64-bit support. Surely no more than an hour’s work for one person. However, I suppose that they would then have to do the same for v9, v8.5, v8 …

At the moment I’m staying at MacOS 10.14.6 with no intentions of upgrading and if, for some reason, I’m forced to upgrade then I’ll move to Windows. A new version of Cubase 10.5 Pro would cost me $700 CDN. I’m not going to do that.