Cubase 9.5 Artist alongside Cubase 11 Pro

I have windows 10 (64b). I recently upgraded to Cubase 11 pro but it is more demanding in PC sources.
I was thinking that it would be cool to work on 9.5 Artist when I don’t need the extra features of pro.
I did the installation (I had the installer download on my PC from before) but after completing it I noticed the program saying 9.5 pro (instead of Artist).
So, is it possible to have pro and artist installed in my system?


Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro shares the very same executable. Only the license decides, which one to start. So once you have Cubase Pro license, the Pro is always going to start. Knowing this, it also doesn’t make sense to run Cubase Artist only (if you have the Pro license), because it’s the very same application as the Pro one.

But isn’t Aritst much less demanding on PC resources than pro?


No, it’s not.