Cubase 9.5 audio routing issue with Yamaha TF3

Hi, I am seeing an issue with Cubase 9.51 where the audio inputs from the TF3 are not going to the intended tracks in Cubase 9.51. For instance, I have added 32 inputs from the TF3 and assigned #22 to a track in cubase. The meter for input 22 in the mixer is not showing signal, but the input from that mixer track is going to input 20 on the cubase mix console (and some other inputs in the mixer as well??). If I reassign input 20 to that track I can record. One of the odd things about the mix console view is all 32 of the added usb outputs are showing as well as the 6 named tracks created in the track view. No signal appears on the armed tracks corresponding to the input sent to those tracks in channel settings.
BTW, the audio routing works correctly when using Sonar with the TF3. I am running Windows 7 Pro on an Intel I7 2.93 GHZ machine. Anyone else seeing something like this?

Sounds like your VST connections are not correctly set up.