Cubase 9.5 blacklisting its own DLLs


I have Cubase 8 and have installed the trail version of Cubase 9.5. While going through the plugin blacklist folder, I was surprised to see several of Cubase 9.5 64bit DLL files on the blacklist. The screenshot of the blacklisted files is attached here. Why is Cubase blacklisting its own 9.5 DLL files? This seems very strange. I tried reactivating them but it is preventing me from doing so. How can the DAW blacklist its own files?

If someone can shed some light on this, I would really appreciate it. I have attached the screenshot of the blacklisted files. Is it because this is a trial version?


Cubase blacklists DLLs that are not VST plug-ins. The wrong path was set for where Cubase should look for VSTs, so it found its own DLLs that are used to run the application.

Yes, you are absolutely right. I had set a wrong path by mistake and didn’t realise it. Corrected it and this are fine now. Thanks so much.